Making Math Make Sense by Yinka Olopade

If your child is struggling in math or if you and your child are frustrated because he or she 'just doesn't get it,' let Mathnasium Brentwood assist you. If your child is exceptional and their current grade level work is not challenging enough for them or if they are at a level that you, as a parent and home school teacher, feel ill-equipped to teach thoroughly, don't fret! By using an assessment based program, we can work with students that need to catch up, stay on level, or move forward with more challenging work.

Mathnasium is a national franchise that offers so much more than traditional tutoring, but Mathnasium Brentwood does also offer traditional tutoring services as well. Mathnasium is a learning center for students in pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade who
may need to boost their math skills or need an extra challenge. Every Mathnasium student is provided with a unique learning program designed to meet his or her individual needs in mathematics. The Mathnasium mission is to not only help students succeed at their level, but also to recover those necessary skills that may have been skipped altogether and to prepare for future course work. Being an assessment based program, allows Mathnasium Brentwood to find the things that need to be worked by a student to reach whatever goals they have set in mathematics. Mathnasium Brentwood's goal is for every student to work their mathematics with confidence and without fear by helping them understand mathematics.

Mathnasium Brentwood is staffed by a number of instructors which have been trained in the Mathnasium Method. Mathnasium Brentwood has been helping pre-kindergarten through high school students and above in the Brentwood area since the center opened in September 2012.

Please visit our website or contact us for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

Yinka Olopade
Mathnasium Brentwood (615) 309-0890
Email: Brentwood at Mathnasium dot com
5111 Peter Taylor Park Dr, Ste 400, Brentwood, TN  37027

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