Gateway Academy at the Learning Lab Helps Homeschool Families by Matt Fontana

Parents who prefer homeschooling for their children have varying needs for ensuring each child’s success. The Learning Lab has solutions, from supportive assistance in select subjects to a complete curriculum for every grade level – all taught by professional educators. 

Because no two students have identical backgrounds, learning styles and abilities, learning is best achieved in a one-on-one environment where each student learns on an individual and customized basis. For 30 years, the professional educators at the Learning Lab and its GatewayAcademy have been

doing just that for students from kindergarten through high school with flexible programs that can be configured to meet the full scope of each child’s academic needs. Gateway Academy’s professional educators can teach any and all subjects your child may require, along with study skills, critical thinking, and occupational and speech therapy. 

For parents who assume responsibility for some of their children’s homeschooling, but who feel unqualified to teach all subject areas, the professional educators at Gateway Academy can teach their children only those subjects. However, Gateway Academy also offers a comprehensive one-on-one school that provides a complete and accredited curriculum for every grade level and is customized for each student’s needs. 

More than teaching the subject matter, Gateway believes it is important to instill within each student the desire to learn, to celebrate their achievements and help them define goals for life success. If a child is struggling on some assignments he or she may need a skills assessment or other expert assistance. Learning Lab’s staff psychologists can perform professional assessments to identify issues ranging from dyslexia and learning differences to ADHD and socialization problems, then help to customize a suitable learning environment for those with these issues. 

Whatever a student’s goals may be: to pass algebra, read and comprehend better, improve standardized test scores, or embrace advanced learning, Gateway Academy can help them to catch up, keep up and move up at every grade level. Gateway Academy at the Learning Lab is fully AdvancED/SACS accredited so all classes are transferrable to public and private schools. Educators and all Learning Lab staff must pass background checks and drug screens before hire. 

Learning Lab has locations in Brentwood, Green Hills and Cool Springs. For more information visit our website or call 615-377-2929 or 615-321-7272.

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