Make Plans to Attend the MTHEA Nashville Curriculum Fair

Are you new to homeschooling or want to see the latest in curricula offerings? The Middle Tennessee Home Education Association (MTHEA) has weekend plans for you at the MTHEA Nashville Curriculum Fair. The two-day event will be held Friday and Saturday, May 13-14, 2016 at The Fairgrounds Nashville. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet vendors and learn about their curriculum, attend workshops and meet representatives from local companies that serve homeschoolers in Middle Tennessee.

Better Than Health Insurance? Christian Healthcare Ministries

Founded in 1981, Christian Healthcare Ministries (CHM) is the original health care sharing ministry for Christians. CHM is a nonprofit, voluntary cost-sharing ministry through which participating Christians meet each other’s medical bills. CHM members have shared more than $1 billion in medical bills. The ministry is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

Christian Healthcare Ministries is not a health insurance company. It's a group of thousands of

7 Reasons to Provide a Summer Camp Experience for Your Child

No matter the age, whenever a conversation about summer camp comes up, those who have “been to camp” talk passionately about their experience of action-packed adventure, life-long friendships, testing their limits, unrestrained laughter and accomplishing new things. Summer camp provides a positive, encouraging environment where one can have fun without the peer pressure found elsewhere. If you are trying to decide about this being one of the options for your child this summer, consider the reasons why you would give the gift of camp to them.
1. Experiencing adventures and activities in a unique environment. A camp environment is unlike anywhere else. Your child will experience the dynamics of the outdoors with a diversity of kids, often in a small group — making this unlike a classroom or other small group participation. The activities are designed to challenge campers in an encouraging environment to help them grow exponentially in areas of self-confidence, independence, leadership, trust, friendship skills, social comfort, values and decision-making. A lot of positive change can happen in a week or two at camp.
2. Unplugging. At many traditional camps, like Deer Run Camps in Thompson’s Station, Tenn., kids and teens are able to unplug and leave the distractions of technology at home enabling them to connect face-to-face for an extended amount of time with other kids and young-adult role models. Being unplugged allows them to