Williamson County Homeschool Eagle 4-H Club by Lindsey Scott

Tennessee 4-H is the youth development program directed by UT Extension, with a current enrollment of approximately 200,000 4-H’ers statewide. 4-H provides opportunities for students to grow their leadership and citizenship skills and to learn more about the world around them through numerous activities and events. One of those events is 4-H State Congress. The 68th Annual Tennessee State 4-H Congress was held March 22–25, 2015 in Murfreesboro and Nashville. Williamson County was represented by 11 active 4-H’ers, among whom were several homeschoolers, including myself. Our county delegates were among the several hundred
4-H’ers from across the state who attended. Over the course of the three days, we participated in assemblies, elections, and competitions and served as either representatives or senators from our respective counties.

The Williamson County 4-H Congress delegation. Top row from left: Dustin Goodman, Nathan Stickles, and Wyatt Haley. Middle row from left: Taylor Vail, Mary Claire Crabtree, Ashley Haylett, Lindsey Scott, Brooke Carnduff. Bottom row from left: Hannah Gordan, Rebekah Meese, and Anna Cesnik.
One of the activities we participated in was the mock House and Senate sessions that took place in Nashville. During the sessions, we debated and voted on bills and resolutions in the very same rooms in which our legislators hold their sessions. This was definitely a wonderful hands-on learning experience for all the senators and representatives and gave us a real glimpse into how our government functions and passes bills that affect us.

Another unique activity Congress delegates were involved in was the election of new 4-H Congress officers. From the time of Congress Readiness Day prior to Congress, through the official election held at Congress, delegates had the opportunity to campaign for the offices of governor, speaker of the Senate, and speaker of the House. The main job of these elected 4-H’ers is to plan and preside over next year’s 4-H State Congress. The entire 4-H Congress officer election process was fascinating and definitely a highlight of the event.

The 68th Tennessee State 4-H Congress was an event to remember for all the 4-H’ers who attended. From the time of registration on Sunday afternoon to the last good-byes on Wednesday morning, every single moment of Congress was filled with exciting activities and events. New friendships were formed, new experiences were enjoyed, and strong foundations were laid in the lives of tomorrow’s leaders.

The 4-H program offers something for everyone, and opportunities abound to grow and strengthen skills and talents. If you think you would like to get involved in 4-H, we would love to have you join us! The Williamson County 4-H Eagle Homeschool Club meets once a month from September through April at the Williamson County Ag Expo Park. More information can be found on the website.

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