4th Annual Mother-Daughter Weekend at Deer Run Retreat

4th Annual Mother-Daughter Weekend at Deer Run Retreat

~ September 16-18, 2016 ~

A WEEKEND OF MEMORIES AND GROWING TOGETHER! This weekend provides opportunities for you to have fun, laugh, talk, and build a closer relationship with each other.


Devote time to building a deeper relationship with your daughter through this weekend experience where you will have fun, laugh, talk and enjoy activities together. The all-inclusive weekend includes mother-daughter yoga, archery & BB guns, climbing tower, giant swing, hiking, scavenger hunt, stargazing, nighttime wagon ride, campfire and lake time with kayaking, canoeing, fishing or relaxing on the beach. Creative crafts, a glow-night dance party and themed dress-up dinner add to your “forever” memories.

Guest speaker Rebekah Bullard (http://rebekahbullard.com/), Nashville Kids Pastor at Cross Point Church, will provide fresh insight and encouragement for moms and daughters. Additionally, moms enjoy a session together while girls spend time with college-age group leaders working on a special project.

Shared accommodations are available at The Lodge, Lakeview Cabins or Cedar Point Cabins. See lodging options: http://deerrunphotos.smugmug.com/TourFacilities

This is an excellent weekend for extended family members such as grandmothers or aunts to enjoy time with their granddaughters or nieces.

Registration and info: http://deerrun.camp/events or call 615.794.2918.

11th Annual Father-Son Adventure Weekend at Deer Run Retreat

A Life-Changing Bonding Experience & Some High-Powered Guy Stuff for all ages August 26-28, 2016.

Special lifelong memories are created when a dad spends a weekend with his son(s). Everything is planned for you (including meals) so you can just show up and enjoy your time together!

2016 Guest Speaker: Illusionist Brock Gill
He will amaze and entertain both you and your son with his unique stage show and message of hope and passion that speaks to all ages.

This weekend is planned for you and your son(s) to bond while you are having a great time playing together. Enjoy a variety of recreation choices: football challenges, wiffle ball home run derby, amateur fishing tournament, father-son project, archery target practice, BB guns, slingshots, sand volleyball, campfires, nighttime wagon ride plus lake swimming with waterslide, zip line, aqua park and canoes/kayaks.

You can also choose additional adventures like climbing tower, Leap of Faith, 3-D amateur archery tournament, giant swing and paintball (ages 9 & up).

Shared lodging accommodations at The Lodge, Lakeview Cabins or Cedar Point Cabins. See lodging options here. Or choose a campsite and enjoy pitching your own tent!

This is an excellent weekend for extended family members such as grandfathers or uncles to enjoy time with their grandsons or nephews.

Registration and info online or call 615.794.2918.

Take The Reins Equine Assisted Learning – Fall Farm Programs for Homeschoolers with Special Needs

Take The Reins
3636 Bear Creek Rd. Thompson’s Station, TN

Equine Assisted Learning – Fall Farm Programs
for Homeschoolers w/ special needs or challenges

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) is a hands-on educational program that uses interactions and developing relationships between students and equines in an environment of learning and self-discovery. The barn and farm environment naturally lends itself as a unique multi-sensory classroom. Best of all…it’s fun!!

What does Take The Reins offer your children with special life challenges?
Our staff includes PATH Intl. dual credentialed professionals with years of experience in teaching social and life skills, academics, working with individuals with special needs and challenges, and partnering with equines.
Our equine team includes well trained horses, ponies, minis and donkeys, each offering their unique attraction and interactions.
Our learning accommodations - We provide a supportive educational environment. Our inclusive teaching strategies support all learning styles. Accommodations and modifications are utilized as needed to promote individual success. The classes include multiple processing opportunities, to insure that the students transfer the skills they learned and practiced with the equines, to their daily social and life situations.
Social Skills – Wednesdays 10 am – 12:00 Runs for 4 weeks starting 9/7
Weekly topics and skill areas include:
·       Reading Body Language
·       Understanding Social Cues
·       Personal Space and Boundaries
·       Teamwork

Life Skills - Thursdays 10 am – 12:00 Runs for 4 weeks starting 10/7            Weekly topics and skill areas include:
·       Making Good Decisions
·       Managing Your Environment - to increase comfort and have success
·       Self- Esteem
·       Leadership Skills
* Families are welcome to use the picnic area to stay and have lunch on the farm.

Both of the above 2 hour programs run for 4 weeks. Total cost of each is $80.

Academics on the Farm (monthly program)
Each month explores an academic subject through life on the farm and interactions with horses, ponies, minis and donkeys. Sample class: History – We will explore how ‘equines” have accompanied mankind throughout history. As we meet the horses and donkeys, ponies and minis at the farm, we will learn how their ancestors helped us hunt for food, fight in wars, provided transportation, and worked our farms. Mules and donkeys labored by our sides in many industries providing power and hauling. Equines even provided us with entertainments and sport. Even the pint size miniature horses had jobs to do. We will cover how horses helped us throughout history and then go back in time to ride in an old pony pulled wagon.
Family Values - Offered during school vacation weeks
This 2 hour program offers safe horse interactions and activities plus fun on the farm for everyone in the family. The program is designed to support and promote the family. Refer to our family program brochure for more information.
·       Recognizing and valuing each other’s strengths and talents
·       Learning to work together and have fun as a family
·       Fostering self-esteem and confidence in everyone
·       Exploring life on the farm and having a great time as a family.
Siblings Forever! - Offered during school vacation weeks
This 1.5 hour program offers siblings the opportunity to work and have fun together, learning that they each have unique strengths and talents that should be celebrated and shared. Refer to our family program brochure for more info.

Group Tailored Programs­
Mix and match any of the above programs and topics to best meet the needs and interests of everyone in your home school group! Upon group request, Christian faith-based components can be added to any of the above programs, to help the children explore & celebrate their values.

About Take The Reins: We are a 501c3 non-profit, PATH Intl. member center located on a peaceful farm at 3636 Bear Creek Rd. in Thompson’s Station, TN. To learn more about Take The Reins, visit our website at: www.TakeTheReinsRidingCenter.com

To learn more about the above Equine-Assisted Learning programs please contact: Susan Lutz at: susanlutz6@gmail.com or (978) 376-8062.

Free Demo Day for Homeschool P.E. Class

Register your child for a free demo class, allowing them to experience our LPG Sports Academy's Home School Program. They will enjoy socializing, learning sports skills and general fitness while having lots of fun! 

Home School Physical Education
Wednesday, August 24th
AGES 5-10
12pm-1pm OR 1pm-2pm
@ LPG Sports Academy

109 Rand Place #2
Franklin, TN

5 Ways To Celebrate Back-to-School

The return to school after the summer break can either be met with an “augh” or a “yippee”. Both are expressions that could come from either your child or you. The return to school can be one that is exciting as well as well anticipated if you create some unique and memorable ways transition into the new school year. Here are five ways to make back-to-school be oh-so-much-fun!
1. Take School Pictures
While the idea of taking school pictures may not seem unique, it can be for the homeschool student. Sure, we can go the traditional route and take a picture showing the serious and well behaved student, that will be sent to family and friends. That is way too easy. Let them dress up as their favorite character. They could also dress up as a historical figure or from the time period they will study about that school year. Another idea is allowing your child to take a “silly” picture or one that has a theme, like trains (conductor), princess, dinosaurs or other.
2. Take Notes 
This one will be fun for both you and your child. You can have them write basic information about themselves (ex: name, age and grade). The really fun part will be having some questions they can answer (ex: Who is your favorite music group?, What is your favorite snack food?, How would you spend $5,000 (or other dollar amount) and others? Your older child can answer the questions and also include their thoughts on what they enjoyed about their summer (or school break), their goals for the new school year, what they are looking forward to learning about and more. Once they are finished, it is your turn. You can write the goals you have that school year for your child. This is also an opportunity to write any memorable thoughts you have about your child. Do not allow such sweet memories to pass without documenting what you can. It will be fun to return at the end of the school year and read what every wrote.
3. Serve a Special Meal
Everyone loves to eat, so either whip up something special for your child or have him join you in the kitchen to prepare the special meal. The food you serve can be some favorite recipes. You can also decide on one special meal or dessert that you only serve for back-to-school (think Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner).
4. Take a Field Trip
I usually try to keep the first day close to home. As you know, once the school year begins, there are less crowds at those fun-to-go to-places. If there is somewhere you put off going to during the summer, because there are too many people, make plans to visit. Go to a museum, go see a movie, go skating or go to some special venue of choice.
5. Watch Them Grow
Let your child choose some seeds and plant them. Your child will be able to nurture a beautiful plant or flower during the school year, as you are nurturing them. They will blossom as will their plant with proper care.

How do you celebrate the first day of school or how have you celebrated it in the past?

Jennifer Smeltser writes for HomeLife Academy. HomeLife Academy is an official private school serving thousands of home educators. For more of Jennifer's articles, visit the Homeschool Roster.