Family Fun During the Christmas Season

The Nashville Symphony. Photo credit: Mickey Dobo, courtesy of The Nashville Symphony.

With no disrespect to Thanksgiving, if you want to enjoy Christmas events in December, you have to make your plans now. There are a number of events that will be happening in and around Williamson County. Some require reservations, because events sell out quickly. Others just need to be considered as we plan our calendar, because you will not be able to do everything. The Christmas season is a time to spend with family. Fortunately, there are many events that can be enjoyed by all ages.

Have you got a train lover?

The NorthPole Express with Santa returns leaving out of Nashville and round trips through Lebanon. The two and one half hour, 64 mile train ride will satisfy your train lover with a scenic ride through Tennessee. Other passengers include Santa and his elves, along with carolers singing many Christmas songs that have become favorites over the years.  Regular, first-class and dome seating, an ultimate panoramic view, are available. December 5 and 12.

It’s music to my ears.

Any opportunity I have to take my children to the symphony, I do so. Yes, children can enjoy classical music. The Nashville Symphony has three productions you and your children will enjoy. Using familiar stories like Home Alone and A Charlie Brown Christmas, they will be able to make a connection through classical

Family Field Trips You Must Take in Tennessee by Christa Brown

As I was looking for a fall family field trip, I discovered a wealth of resources in our very own state.

Fifteen years.

I decided fifteen years was too long to pass between trips to the Natchez Trace. Honestly, I didn’t think we really had the time to take off for a trip. We’d already taken a few days to go to the beach, and it’s hard to get 80 days in before December if you’re taking trips every month.

However, I sometimes forget as a homeschooling family you’re always learning wherever you go. Some trips you can count as homeschooling days.

When planning a family field trip, I always look for specific criteria.

• A trip that takes no more than 4 hours to get there.

• Cities with decent and affordable accommodations .

• Fun, educationally appropriate activities for the kids.

• Grocery stores to buy necessities such as sandwich fixings and snacks.

• A few perks: After all it is a getaway. Hotels that provide breakfast or hot tubs to relax in after a day of hiking can make it more of a family vacation and not just another day of homeschooling.

The more I see of Tennessee,