Get Your Child Reading with Netflix

“Get Your Child Reading with Netflix” is certainly an odd title. After all, Netflix is used for streaming movies and television series. Where does the reading come in? This is where it gets interesting.

As you know, Netflix began as a DVD-by-mail service. To this day, almost 20 years after it was founded, it still offers DVD-by-mail. If you already use streaming services from Netflix, you may be aware of some of its educational offerings with documentaries and movies available for use in your school. What many people do not realize is the DVD library of Netflix has a number of movies that are not available through streaming. Many of those movies are titles of books we regularly assign our children to read for school.

If you are still lost, well, here you go. Do you want your child to read more? Consider bringing the book (story) to life with the reward of seeing the movie on the screen after they finish reading the book. If you have already created a list of “reading musts” your child should complete before the school year is over, check and see if some of those titles are available on DVD. Some children may