Job Opportunities for Homeschoolers at Chick-fil-A Thoroughbred Square

Chick-fil-A Thoroughbred Square is committed to creating a positive and productive work environment for all of our employees. This environment aids us in our ultimate goal of providing a remarkable experience for everyone who walks through our doors. We are always looking for highly motivated individuals who are passionate about service to join our team. As one of the premier Chick-fil-A locations in the Southeast, you will be a member of an award-winning team focused on both personal and professional excellence. We offer competitive pay, employee scholarships, and guaranteed Sundays off for all shifts and positions. Our flexible scheduling is ideal for homeschool and tutorial students as well as parents. Interested applicants can download an application here and submit it in person anytime. We hope to see you soon!

Belle Meade Plantation Homeschool History Club

Belle Meade Plantation's Home School History Club is open to young learners Pre-K through 12th Grade. Each month the Club explores and experiences different aspects of American history through interactive games and activities, projects, and lessons.

Registration will be available through the Gamma Gazette Newsletter. Click Here to receive Gamma Gazette.

For more information click here to e-mail the Club or click here to find out more about other Home School Events happening this Fall.

Write It Right on National Punctuation Day ~ by Jennifer Smeltser

On Thursday, September 24, Jeff Rubin and his wife, Norma, will celebrate National Punctuation Day (NPD), which is an event they created more than 10 years ago. You may wonder why they would create such an event, and the logical explanation is because “Punctuation counts. A misplaced comma can alter the meaning of a message.

As homeschoolers, we do understand the importance of punctuation and it’s proper use. There is nothing worse than reading a sentence with punctuation gone haywire.

How many of you just cringed while reading the previous paragraph? Believe me; it was just as difficult for me to write as it was for you to read.

Let us try that again.

As homeschoolers, we do understand the importance of punctuation and its proper use. Is that better?