Guitar Lessons (or Bass Guitar or Ukulele or Songwriting!) in Franklin, Tennessee

I love music. I love the guitar… and bass… and ukulele. I love teaching these instruments. There is satisfaction in knowing that I get to pass on to a new generation of students all of the wonderful things I have learned as a professional musician. My goal is to help students reach their musical aspirations so they can be a confident worship leader or the next major pop or country star, if that is their desire.

Currently, I have students who have what it takes to get there. My job is to bring out the best of their abilities so they can make those dreams come true. Some want to have a general knowledge of an instrument or music theory. Some just want to play along to songs on the radio. I want to help each student find out what their musical goal is and help them achieve it.

Being a homeschool dad, I understand the importance of time with your kids. Sports, homework, and life in general are always pulling at your schedule. I offer time slots throughout the day for homeschoolers so you can have the evenings free for other activities.

Instrument lessons are once a week for 30 minutes. Homeschool students get their first lesson FREE when you pay for the first month of lessons. Be sure to mention this article or the sidebar ad to receive your free lesson. You can read more about guitar lessons on my website.

Marty Keith is the owner of Edenbrooke Music. Marty grew up in Paducah, Kentucky. At age four, he began learning how to play the guitar from Herb Chapman, father of GRAMMY and Dove award winning artist Steven Curtis Chapman. The way Steven Curtis and Marty learned to play guitar is how Marty teaches his students to play.

Learn more at Edenbrooke Music and to learn more about Marty’s music visit his artist website at John Martin Keith

You may contact Marty Keith by phone at 615-415-1942 or by email at johnmartinkeith at hotmail dot com for more information about guitar or songwriting lessons.

Franklin Homeschool 8th Grader Publishes First Novel

Today we have the pleasure of chatting with a local homeschool student who just published her first fiction book. She writes under a pen name at this stage in her young career, so please welcome Tina Tabby!

HomeschoolingWC: Thank you so much for being on the blog, Tina! When I heard we had a 13-year-old lifelong homeschool student in Franklin who had just published her first book, I knew we had to chat.

So, Squad in Space is a Christian Sci-Fi ebook based on a universe you created. What inspired you to write Squad in Space?

Tina: I got some old Sonic The Hedgehog comics, and I loved the characters’ designs. I wanted to create more characters for the Squad universe, and I thought basing them off of these Sonic characters’ designs would look cool. Later I saw a commercial for an outer space-themed video game and thought, “That’s it. I’ll send the Squad into outer space with some new friends!”

HomeschoolingWC: That sounds like a fun mix of inspiration. What age group do you think will enjoy Squad in Space?

Tina: I think ages 10-15 will enjoy the ebook, but a younger or older audience might enjoy it as well. It’s a good story fit for a variety of ages!

HomeschoolingWC: Who doesnt like to read a great story about a band of anthropomorphic heroes who must save their world from destruction?! It sounds wonderful.

Publishing a book so young will certainly inspire more homeschool kids to pursue their dreams. What advice would you give to other young writers who have an idea for a story and want to share it with the world?

Tina: In today
’s world people might have expectations of you, but you don’t need to base your life on making people approve of you. You be the God-honoring person you want to be, and that can start by creating a story!

Think about the characters, and then think about the story. Plan out your story before you sit down to write it. After that, let the story whisk you away into its world. That way you can polish your story better because you can see it around you better. When you’ve finished writing and proofreading, have people that you know like your work go over it with you. More eyes eliminate flaws in writing, and helpful suggestions make the story more realistic.

HomeschoolingWC: Such good advice for writers of all ages. Im sure everyone will want to check out your new ebook. Where can people find Squad in Space?

Tina: Squad in Space is available on my Etsy shop.

HomeschoolingWC:  So, last question. You began your story world by creating the audio drama series The Squad, which is also available on your Etsy shop. Do readers need to hear all 5 seasons of the audio drama to enjoy the ebook Squad in Space?

Tina: Not necessarily. While Squad In Space is a stand-alone novel, hearing The Squad audio dramas would help the audience to get to know the characters better, hear their voices, and develop a relationship with their world. More connection with the story’s world and characters makes the experience even better!

HomeschoolingWC: Too true! When I get into a story, I like to listen to and read all the stories set in its universe. 

Thank you for sharing your wonderful news with us. I look forward to seeing how God uses your talent for His glory!