7 Reasons to Provide a Summer Camp Experience for Your Child

No matter the age, whenever a conversation about summer camp comes up, those who have “been to camp” talk passionately about their experience of action-packed adventure, life-long friendships, testing their limits, unrestrained laughter and accomplishing new things. Summer camp provides a positive, encouraging environment where one can have fun without the peer pressure found elsewhere. If you are trying to decide about this being one of the options for your child this summer, consider the reasons why you would give the gift of camp to them.
1. Experiencing adventures and activities in a unique environment. A camp environment is unlike anywhere else. Your child will experience the dynamics of the outdoors with a diversity of kids, often in a small group — making this unlike a classroom or other small group participation. The activities are designed to challenge campers in an encouraging environment to help them grow exponentially in areas of self-confidence, independence, leadership, trust, friendship skills, social comfort, values and decision-making. A lot of positive change can happen in a week or two at camp.
2. Unplugging. At many traditional camps, like Deer Run Camps in Thompson’s Station, Tenn., kids and teens are able to unplug and leave the distractions of technology at home enabling them to connect face-to-face for an extended amount of time with other kids and young-adult role models. Being unplugged allows them to
strengthen their social skills and focus on relationships, physical activity and challenges while having plenty of fun.
3. Making lifelong friends. There is a deep connection when sharing the same experience and accomplishments together. A week at camp often forges relationships that last a lifetime. And the friends made at camp are often those your child would not meet otherwise because of the various schools and communities the campers come from.
4. Finding a sense of inclusion. Camp traditions such as silly chants while walking from the lake to the climbing tower or skit night at overnight camp are all part of the camper experience which give kids a sense of belonging. “For some kids, that sense of inclusion may not exist outside of camp. The camp experience offers not only a shared identity but also a way to discover and strengthen shared values or faith.” (Sarah Hilgendorf, The Power of Camp: 5 Good Reasons to Send Your Child to Camp, Christian Camp and Conference Association, Feb 6, 2015)
5. Being mentored. Campers are empowered by mature, responsible college-age counselors who care about kids and are excellent role models. This is not a summer “job” for them; they are counselors because they genuinely care about making a difference in a kid’s life. They encourage a camper in discovering their strengths and passions and what makes them uniquely “them.” Self-confidence found at camp can stay with a kid long after camp is over.
6. Spending time away from family. Camp is a safe environment to experience life outside the home — or even the school environment. Campers often thrive when they can interact with other campers and young adults without oversight of a parent … including learning to make wise decisions on their own. When you stop to think about it, camp is also a great place for kids to be kids — jumping, climbing, playing and spending most of the day participating in new adventures. But all the while, learning about oneself and growing in confidence and decision-making which are taking place in a variety of ways.
7. Providing a bigger picture of life and direction. While at camp caring adults, counselors and mentors come alongside campers, helping them think through decisions and experiences in a way that will prepare them for their future. Many campers point back to a positive role model they met at camp as one who helped shape the direction of their lives. (The Power of Camp, Christian Camp and Conference Association, CCCA.org, 2016)
Consider Deer Run Camps for your child. Deer Run is a premier camp located on 100 wooded acres just 10 miles south of downtown Franklin, Tenn. and has won the Sizzle Award for the Best Camp in Williamson County (TN) for two years plus the Best of Parenting Award for Best Day Camp in Williamson County, Nashville Parent magazine, for the past four years. Deer Run has day camp (age 5 to completed grade 5), adventure day camp (completed grades 6-8) and age-graded overnight camps (completed grades 3-12).
For day and adventure day camps, bus transportation is available at 6 locations and a.m. and p.m. extended care are available. If you are looking for a shorter camp experience that cost less, look into sending your child to Session 9 day or adventure day camp (a 4-day camp) or Preteen Overnight Session 4 (a 4-night camp, Sunday through Thursday afternoon). Visit www.DeerRun.Camp or call 615-794-2918.
Written by Liz Gibson, Marketing, Design & Communications Director & Co-founder, Deer Run Camps & Retreats

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