Green Elephant Arts Enrichment by April Hohne

The Green Elephant Arts Enrichment program began in 2014 by April Hohne and Rachael Fuller. Our arts program currently serves pre-school and homeschool students in Nashville and surrounding counties. The curriculum includes visual art and general music instruction, giving students the foundation to continue their studies further as they get older.

Our homeschool class currently takes place every Thursday
from 10am-12pm at Edgefield Baptist Church in East Nashville. In this class, the children create artwork using the elements and principles of art, including: color, line, shape, texture, value, etc. We explore and identify art in our daily lives and environment, in addition to studying various famous artists. The children create art using mediums such as chalk pastels, paint, watercolors, and oil pastels. The children also explore music and movement with a strong focus on steady beat, rhythm, singing melodies, and reading musical notation. We have a small musical performance at the end of each semester. The fee for the homeschool class is $20/class with sixteen classes in the semester, coming to a total of $320/semester.

Our preschool classes occur on the first and third Fridays of each month from 9am-10am. Each class has a theme for the day, and the students create art and participate in musical activities based on the theme. The children have the opportunity to paint (get messy!), draw, dance, and sing. The fee for the preschool class is $10/class with eight classes in the semester, coming to a total of $80/semester.

Our next workshop, Valentine’s Day Kids’ Night Out, will take place on February 14th from 5pm-8pm. Children will participate in many Valentine’s themed crafts, games, and songs. The children are encouraged to bring their favorite stuffed animal, doll, or toy as a date! Cost for this workshop is $25/child.

In the future, we hope to open our own children’s art studio, expanding our class offerings to homeschool, preschool, workshops, and after school classes and offering open art play, as well.

For more information, visit Green Elephant Arts Enrichment.

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