Cheney Fencing Teaches Homeschoolers Saber Fencing by Lindsey Cheney

Hey Williamson Co. Homeschoolers!

If you are looking for something to stretch and grow both your mind and your body, we would love to introduce you to saber fencing. 

Fencing is one of only five sports that have been included in every modern Olympic Games. The other four are athletics, cycling, swimming and gymnastics. From dueling musketeers to swashbuckling pirates to the gold medals won in modern fencing, this sport bring centuries of tradition, action, honor and strategy together into one experience. 

Modern fencing uses classical concepts mixed with modern technology for a fast paced competition that has been called a "physical game of chess." Fencing tends to be a perfect fit for students who enjoy puzzles and strategy games, as well as
for those who enjoy the physical combat of one on one martial arts. The sport also provides scholarship opportunities for those who pursue the sport at a high national level. 

Cheney Fencing is owned by Coach Chris Cheney (a homeschool graduate '07) and his wife Lindsey (also a homeschool grad '06). Coach Chris has almost 12 years of fencing experience, including making the varsity team at Penn State, and has been coaching full time since Jan. 2011. In 2013, Coach Ben (another homeschool grad '13) joined our staff after 2.5 years of fencing and is our beginner and intermediate coach. He was the TN Secondary School Champion in 2012 and 2013 and continues to compete, along with Coach Chris and our elite Travel Team. We are proud to be home to the top fencers in the state and have fencers who are competitive on both the regional and national circuits. 

We offer classes for different ages, skill levels and fencing focus (competitive vs. recreation), including a homeschool class. General class instruction is $70/month for one hour weekly and includes practice, equipment (beginner), and open booting opportunities on Wednesday and Friday every week. This spring we are excited to embark on our Spring League program. This league will run 12 weeks and will include all beginner level instruction, team meets, t-shirt and an end of season tournament with awards. For more info, please visit our website. If you mention this article when registering for the beginner spring league, we will give you $25 off per student. This can be combined with any other beginner offers, so save away!

Interested in learning more? January 29, 2015 we will be hosting a set of homeschool field trips to introduce students to the sport of fencing! Each participant will learn basic fencing history, footwork and blade work positions and have the opportunity to fence with our coaches. Cost is $10 per person, $30 family max. Parents are welcome to participate! If you have a group of 15+, please email for special times.

Please email us to reserve your spot! Walk ins are welcome, but classes will max out at 15. Include family name and ages of participants and which class time you would like to attend in your email: cheneyfencing at gmail dot com

January 29, 2015 available times: 
A. 10:30-12:00
B. 12:00-1:30
C. 1:30-3:00

Hope to see you there!

Contact info:
Phone (call or text) (615) 892-9087
Email: Cheneyfencing at gmail dot com
Visit our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram to see what we are up to! 

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