The Wonders of Essential Oils by The Wellness Studio

We are so happy to be able to talk with you today about the wonders of essential oils! As natural wellness providers, we have been familiar with the use of essential oils for all kinds of ailments both physical and emotional. In the past we have used several different companies and had marginal results so we kind of dropped off from using them at all for a while. Last year we were introduced to doTERRA by a friend who felt like they were something we would be interested in. Honestly we
were very reluctant just because of past experiences but we decided to try them anyway. I cannot tell you how thankful I am that we went for it!

There is such a difference in the doTERRA oils and using them with our family and our patients at The Wellness Studio has produced some remarkable results. It has really turned into another passion for us and we want to share them with everyone! It is such an empowering feeling to be able to help care for our family naturally and we have been able to avoid the doctors office completely since we started using them.

We have redone our medicine cabinet and have been able to use the oils to strengthen our family’s immune systems, help with headaches, back pain, digestive complaints, and helped to balance out the range of emotions that our 2 toddlers and their parents experience throughout the day!

Some of our favorites include:

1. On Guard- anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal that is great to protect against colds and flu

2. Digest Zen- great for all kinds of digestive issues

3. Peaceful Child Blend- anti-meltdown :-)

4. Breathe- awesome for all things respiratory

5. Wild Orange and Peppermint- great for focus and smells amazing

There is so much to learn about using essential oils in your home and with your family and we invite you to come to one of our classes and learn more! We hold at least one class a month and we are also available for one on one classes if you are interested in that. Our next class is March 12th at 6:30pm. Classes typically last about an hour and are limited to 12 people. If you would like to come or would like more information please do not hesitate to contact us. Our email address is TheWellnessStudioTN at gmail dot com and our phone number is 615-897-2092.  If you would like more information on the oils you can visit our doTERRA website.
Also, we invite you to sign up for our newsletter on our website and receive some great discounts on the services we offer including acupuncture, massage and nutritional testing.

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