Comprehensive Music Education in Cool Springs by Ben Steckly

Hello homeschooling families! My name is Ben Steckly and I recently opened a music school in Cool Springs called the Nashville Piano Academy. Here’s why:

Prior to living in Nashville, I taught piano in Texas in a wonderful network of music teachers. Last year I moved to Nashville to work in music publishing. As I spent more time getting to know families around the Nashville/Franklin area, I began to get the feeling that many of the music educations their children were receiving were not taking full advantage of the host of opportunities that can be found in “Music City.” It then became my mission to not only educate students about music, but show them how music plays a role in the
community and in people’s lives. Thus began the Nashville Piano Academy!

The Nashville Piano Academy is a music school in Franklin that specializes in high quality piano lessons and group classes. Students play on a large grand piano, and learn from highly qualified teachers with a passion for music. Other resources we make available to our students include a digital piano lab, professional recording, composition, and education software. In addition to teaching students how to play, we strive to make each student a versatile musician by teaching music theory, technique, improvisation, composition, and history. But teaching piano is only half of what we do! We do our best to offer our students every opportunity to share their gifts and talents with the community; for the betterment of both. We are always looking for new community involvement opportunities through performances, contests, festivals, and special events for our students.

If you’d like to involve yourself or your child in the Nashville Piano Academy, there are several ways! Check out our website, give us a call at (615) 943-3690 or email me: ben at nashvillepianoacademy dot com to schedule a free trial lesson!

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