Williamson County Children's Author R. Friend Shares Homeschool Reading Ideas

I believe our world consistently bombards our children with a culture of godlessness, narcissism, instant gratification, and moral relativity. Our company, Sunflower Seeds Press, was birthed to create for them and their families unique books that develop godly character, motivate selflessness, encourage good work ethic, and inspire principled living. My chapter and picture books sow seeds of character
in children's hearts and minds. 

Our farm series,  Down on Friendly Acres, has best been described as  Little House on the Prairie meets  Green Acres. This unique series teaches life lessons, contains historical facts, overflows with similes, metaphors, plays on words, neologisms, songs, recipes, poems, onomatopoeias and is based on true stories with true-to-life cliffhangers as well.
Parents welcome them because they are wholesome, heartwarming and deal with getting along together as a family through thick and thin.  Grandparents  adore them because they spark conversation about their childhood days. But most of all children love them because they can relate to their lives learning to love each other in the midst of quarrels, shenanigans and childhood challenges. 
Don't let the title  P.U. You Stink alarm you. It is actually an allegory and a great message for the time we are living in. The pigs, skunks, and stinkbugs represent us (filthy rags) before our salvation and we receive God's grace and mercy. In the end, the "stinky" families stick together (body of Christ) as we defeat the evil foxes.

Several of my picture books are  dual readers - written in prose (older students) and poetry (younger students). On our website, you can read sample chapters from our books.

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