Homeschooling in Williamson County is Being Updated

I’m Keely, a Franklin homeschool mom, and I love connecting people. While searching for Williamson County (TN) homeschool related websites, all I found were a few stagnant Yahoo groups and an activities listing site that was pay-to-play.

As I talked to other homeschool moms, we agreed there needed to be a free website with all the local homeschool info and events listed and a way to subscribe so busy moms could have the posts emailed to them. I did a little research and found out Williamson County has over 2,500 registered homeschool students—the highest per capital number of homeschoolers of any other county in Tennessee. That’s a big audience!

So in January 2015, I launched to meet the need. HomeschoolingWC is a website with posts written by and for homeschool families in the Williamson County area of Middle Tennessee. The goal of this site is to provide resource listings and event information, to promote local homeschool-supporting businesses, and to pass along encouragement, tips and ideas written by homeschooling parents and educators.

After taking a few months off, we’re getting HomeschoolingWC spruced up and ready for the new school year. Are you a homeschool parent, teacher, or student and would like to write a blog post? Or are you a business owner and would like to support Homeschooling in Williamson County? Contact me through the Contact Form on the upper left sidebar to learn more.

Be sure to subscribe here (and confirm your subscription!) or through the gadget in the upper right sidebar so you won’t miss a beat in the homeschool community.

Happy homeschooling!