Fun Ways to Keep Learning this Summer

If you homeschool on a traditional schedule, which is usually August or September to May, the summer time is sacred to not only your children, but to you. It is the big reward of two to three months off from anything school and replacing it with nothing but a whole lot of fun. Well, it can still be like that by incorporating these fun ways that keep learning alive.
Let them choose a book
Take them to the library or a bookstore and let them choose books they want to read during the summer. Children are more likely to enjoy reading a book they have chosen for themselves rather than one they are required to read. If they are open to ideas, maybe you can convince them to choose
one of the books on this list and follow it up with a family movie night.
Stay close to home
Staycations are really popular, especially when you would rather stay close to home or when funds are low. There are a number for fun and educationalplaces in our area to visit that all family members will enjoy.
Pursue an area of interest
This is a great time for your child to pursue an area of interest. If they like to build, let them design and build many projects or work on a special one. If they want to learn how to sew, go to the fabric store and get started. If they want to understand more about nature, get them outdoors and start walking. Already on hand items like LEGOs, wood blocks, etc. may be used for building. Fabric scraps can easily be hand sewn into a glamorous dress for that special doll or a handy sheath for your swashbuckler’s blade. An inexpensive magnifying glass can reveal wonder in the great outdoors, but just be careful of its heating power in the sun.
Prepare them with Life Skills
Cooking and cleaning may not sound interesting, but you can make both of them fun. One plus about the many celebrity chefs that have suddenly taken over televisions everywhere is they make cooking look fun. With supervision, of course, give your child reasonable free range in the kitchen to make a meal they have chosen from a favorite cookbook, a recipe from an online search or favorite cooking show.
Turn cleaning into a way to make summer spending money. Have your children clean up while going through and choosing clothes and toys they no longer use and get them in shape for a yard or online sale. If they go the Internet route, you should handle the posting, selling and money collection. Once they receive their payment, you can give them a lesson in money management and banking skills.
Brush up on subjects
There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing some math, writing or other regular school subjects during the summer. Guess what, no books are required, but there may be some paper. Shake it up a bit and let your children use an electronic device to work on school subjects. There are a number of educational apps available that will help keep your child on top of their game. For those who love (or don’t love) to write consider giving them writing prompts, letting them journal about their days of summer or send postcards to family and friends. Try your best to not make too many corrections (if any at all) on what they write. If they prefer the computer, this story starters program may be fun.
Learning is exciting and happens every day, even during the summer.

Jennifer Smeltser writes for HomeLife Academy. HomeLife Academy is an official private school serving thousands of home educators. For more of Jennifer's articles, visit the Homeschool Roster.

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