The Kindoll Adademy by Kristen Kindoll

I'm a maverick, a rebel with a cause, and a plain-old prospector. These flags fly proud, though a bit tattered at times. It is in the tradition of self-publishing and home-schooling, some of my alternative endeavors, that I wanted to expand my reach and create a learning academy.

Kindoll Academy has been in the works for over ten years. I initially conducted classes for my children and their friends. While homeschooling has many benefits, due to its construct of a one-on-one tutoring methodology, this positive has some innate
set-backs. Two students can make certain classes, like theater, more problematic.

I didn’t want my classes to become a lecture series. I wanted to combine kinetic, auditory, and visual learning skills. These are the same principles for memorization success: look, speak, and write. This resulted in me creating original curriculum.

It was only through writing my own lessons that I began to see how it combined my creative interests. Most of my classes germinate out what I would have loved as a child. While it wasn’t unusual for me to deviate or supplement material in my daily teaching, I had never truly started with a blank slate.

For some, learning has devolved into a plodding system, translation boring. This assembly line education has made adults and children experience a distaste for knowledge. I believe an enthusiasm for your education not only crafts a better individual, but creates a better world.

The 2017-2018 roster is open for registration. Biology with labs will cover the basis of life and organisms. Students will read a corresponding fiction or nonfiction book each month that will correspond with the month’s topic. Articles will be derived from various Scientific Journals and show students that informational sharing is done typically through articles and presentations, rather than reading textbooks. Literature & Art combines literature (fiction, short stories, poetry and plays) with art history and art projects. The readings and assignments are designed to be inner-connected, fully realizing how written works and visual arts are related. Both courses are a total of twenty-seven hours.

For more information, syllabus and registration materials, contact Kristen Kindoll at ladyjane at kindoll dot org.

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