Homeschooling Artists and Crafters Spotlight: Sally's Retro Christmas Wreaths

Homeschool mom Sally of Shabby Shimmer Christmas first saw a glass ornament wreath tutorial at Retro Renovation and decided to give it a try. Fast forward a couple of years later and she's made over a hundred Christmas ornament wreaths and has also ventured into making putz houses (also known as little glitter houses).

Sally creates some modern wreaths, but prefers a retro or vintage style in her designs, so she uses a lot of vintage components like Jewel Brite, Bradford, and Japanese ornaments, and greenery from Hong Kong. Some of her wreaths are more kitschy than vintage, but that's fun too. 

Sally sells her wreaths primarily via  her eBay store and will also sell to local buyers at reduced prices (no shipping costs!) To buy locally, email her at shabbyshimmer at gmail dot com.

Here are some of her beautiful creations:

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