Set Reading Goals with Book Adventure

When you have a child who would rather wash dishes than read a book, coming up with creative ways to encourage their interest in reading becomes an ongoing task for you as a parent. Although there is no quick fix for a struggling or unmotivated reader, Book Adventure by Sylvan Learning comes close to being a key to helping your child move in the right direction.

Book Adventure is a free, online resource for parents and teachers to use to encourage reading in their student. The program is geared towards children in kindergarten through eighth grades. Book Adventure provides
parents a way to create reading goals or challenges for their child and determine the rewards the child earns for their accomplishments. Parents are also able to track and keep an ongoing record of what their child reads each school year.

It is very easy to create an account, which gives the parent and student access to a number of resources. There is even a special homeschooling section. Once an account is created, a parent may begin compiling a reading list for their child. There are hundreds of popular titles as well as a number of classics from which to choose. See what books are included. If you need some suggestions on what titles to add to your child’s reading list, there is help for that too. Another plus is you are able to search for books according to grade level, level of difficulty or by fiction or non-fiction.

If your child has a special interest, you may also search for books in that manner. While you are compiling your child’s required reading booklist, involve them in the process. Let them to choose some titles of books they would like to read. Sometimes, allowing your child to read a book about something that interests them is a great way to get them reading. You can build their required reading list and they can build their list of casual reading books. After that, students just start reading.

Once the child has finished reading a book on their list, they take a quiz on that book and receive points for their performance. The points add up and the child is able to redeem their earned points for prizes. Some of the prizes include a subscription to Highlights for Children magazine, other books, candy and more. You may even create your own incentive plan that works for your child.

Book Adventure provides a creative option for putting a book in your child’s hand and encouraging them to read. Get started today!

Jennifer Smeltser writes for HomeLife Academy. HomeLife Academy is an official private school serving thousands of home educators. For more of Jennifer's articles, visit the Homeschool Roster.

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