Franklin Homeschool Mom Signs Publishing Deal

In February, I wrote a post here on HomeschoolingWC called When Homeschool Moms Write Novels. In it I talked about the side gig that helps support my homeschool. Well, that side gig has swelled into a career and I wanted to share some news, hoping to inspire other moms to pursue their passions.

If you read The Land Uncharted, you know the Uncharted storyline begins in the year 2025 in a hidden land that was settled in the 1860s by Americans. In the Uncharted series, the characters refer to their history as the founders’ story. Tidbits of the founders’ story are given throughout the Uncharted books and many readers have expressed their desire to read the story of how the founders came to the Land.

*~*~*~ Good news! ~*~*~*

I spent last winter writing the first book of the founders’ story. It’s titled Aboard Providence. I’m super excited to let you know that I’ve signed Aboard Providence with
Christian publisher CrossRiver Media. We’re anticipating the release of Aboard Providence in late 2016.

I’m celebrating with a giveaway. Enter to win the first three Uncharted books so you’re all caught up and ready for the journey Aboard Providence!

(My books are clean and enjoyed by homeschool teens and parents alike, in case you are wondering.)

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