How Music Lessons Lighten Homeschool Planning

It's back-to-school planning time and for homeschool families, lesson planning can often take longer than teaching. As a homeschool parent, I get it. I'm a professional guitar teacher, but in our homeschool I am the Science and Bible teacher. I know what it's like to spend 20 minutes prepping something for science class and it only gets a 20 second spotlight in the actual lesson. Combine all the subjects and that's a lot of prep time to meet the 4 hours per day of school children's needs.

That's one of the bonus benefits of music lessons for homeschoolers. Let's say your child takes guitar lessons from me as part of their education. It's a 30-minute lesson, but to truly learn an instrument, students need to practice at least 30-minutes everyday. That takes care of 2 1/2 hours of school time every week!

I am currently scheduling students for the new school year and have a few openings available (ages 6 and up). Lessons are 30-minutes, once a week and cost $25 per lesson. ($100 for a 4-week month, $125 for a 5-week month.) Hour lessons are available for advanced students. Besides guitar, I also offer lessons on bass guitar, ukulele, stage performance, songwriting, and artist development. Adult students are welcome, too!

I'm located just half a mile off I-65 (Exit 65, Hwy. 96) in Franklin. If you'd like to add guitar lessons to your homeschool plan this year, call me, Marty Keith, at 615 415 1942 or email johnmartinkeith at hotmail dot com

Here's what some of my students and their parents have to say
about taking guitar lessons from me:

"Our teenage son wanted to learn to play the guitar, so we researched teachers and discovered Marty Keith. He was highly recommended as a skilled, teaching professional with a heart for God and worship as well. Our son loves his weekly hour with Marty. He is learning so fast! Marty is patient, and tailors his instruction to the aptitude and interest of our son. He is so skilled as a performer himself that he offers abundantly more that we had hoped for. He not only teaches technique, but cultivates in our boy a real love for music! We are very grateful!" --Beverly, Franklin, TN

"I have had a guitar since I was about 7 and never had the chance to learn to play it. When I was finally able to get lessons at the age of 17, Mr. Keith was very convenient, and affordable. He was extremely patient with me, as I was a slow learner, but in the few months I had Mr. Keith as my teacher, I learned so much more than I thought I would. He is a very talented musician, as well as a great teacher. If you are considering furthering your guitar knowledge with lessons, I would very highly recommend Mr. Keith, he won′t disappoint." --John, 18

"Kaylee really wanted to take guitar for a long time, so when I heard about Marty and his lessons I was thrilled to sign her up. She was a beginner and needed someone with patience, since she knew nothing about music. Marty helps her so much!! He is wonderful and I know that because she loves learning guitar! She says Marty is so kind and so patient and makes her love to practice. She is learning so much (I am amazed how much!) and I love hearing her new songs and notes each week.I think the sign of a good teacher is when the student wants to practice on their own and really enjoys what they are doing. Marty helps us with everything, even picking out her guitar, which is perfect for a beginner. We will be taking lessons from Marty as long as he is willing to teach her!" --Allison, Franklin, TN

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